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Beltools is created with the purpose of supply of the Byelorussian market by the professional tools and equipment. We offer the professional tools by more than 20 well-known producers from over the world. 5-years operational experience in sphere of the professional tools has allowed Beltools confidently come on market Republic of Belarus and to recommend itself as the operative supplier of the tools.
Beltools constantly take parts in the international exhibitions. The basic purpose of participation in an exhibition is to show the users that it is possible to achieve desirable results quickly, with small expenses and without special force.
The geography of firm activity constantly extends. Beltools successfully works in the regional centres and cities of Belarus such as Grodno, Gomel, Vitebsk, Baranovichi, Mogilev, etc.
Beltools raises professional growth of employees of firm. Employees are trained abroad, attend the seminars organized by the producers of the equipment and the tools.
The special attention is given dialogue with the client. The main tasks are to pick up correctly the tools or the equipment for manufacture and to give consultations about use and service. The maximum convenience of clients during cooperation with us and high quality of service that is what we do. The firm provides instruction of buyers at the foreign producer if operating of the equipment is complex.
There are many plants and factories in the Belarus. And a lot of them are clients of Beltools.

We offer the professional tools by more than 20 well-known producers from over the world. Basic our suppliers are:

FLEX - electro-driven tools
MAKITA - electro-driven tools, fuel tools
FESTOOL - electro-driven tools, pneumatic tools
YALE - elevating technique, hoists, winches, slings
ALTO - water-jet apparatuses, industrial vacuum cleaners
RODCRAFT pneumatic tools
INGERSOLL-RAND - pneumatic tools, compressors
HOFFMANN GRUPPE metal-working, cutting, abrasive and hand tools
KARNASCH - HM saws for metal, wood and other materials
PFERD - abrasive tools, files, cutters, diamond tools
BIBIELLE - brasive tools, grinding and polishing materials
STAHLWILLE - metalwork professional tools
WERA - screw-drivers, bits, magnetic bits
DREBO - boring bits for concrete
GOLZ - diamond boring bits, saws, machines for boring and cutting
STABILA - professional building levels, laser levels, tapes

Beltools industry

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